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Services Offered

"We are what we eat" - Ludwig Feuerbac, 1862
"Your health is your real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver" - Gandhi
I can resist anything but temptations - Oscar Wilde


Both healthy and diseased individuals need a healthy and balanced diet suitable to their needs.
In Renata Carraro’s practice, the person is assessed with a holistic view in order to get a complete well-being.

Studio Dietistico Carraro - Services Offered

The first visit

  • Vevaluation of patient's clinical history and examination
  • Recommended provide the findings made in the last year or, failing that, ask the Medical officer exams suited to your case. The controls blood "essential" are: BLOOD COUNT, BLOOD SUGAR, INSULIN, URID ACID, TOTAL CHOLESTEROL, HDL, LDL, TRIGLYCERIDES, HOMOCYSTEINE, ALT, AST, GGT, ALP, TSH, PCR, VITAMIN D (25OHD3), URINE.

  • Evaluation of nutritional habits throught the assessment of food diary
  • The compilation of at least 7 days of a “nutrition diary” before the first visit is highly recommended. Data should include timetables and type and quantity of food and drinks the patient has at each meal and during the day

  • Body composition tracking
  • The composition of patient’s body is evaluated in detail using anthropometric measurements and bioelectric impedence

  • Customized Food Plan
  • On the basis of collected information and analysis of personal habits (working hours, personal commitments, presence or absence of physical activity, etc.) a food plan will be compiled with the goal of preventing or healing from common health problems (overweight, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, osteoporosis, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.) and a schedule to reach the maximum psychophysical well-being will be set

    Studio Dietistico Carraro - Services Offered

    Follow up visits

  • Frequency
  • Variable depending on individual needs, it is always arranged with the patient

  • Actions
  • VAssessment of observance of the dietary plan, discussion about how to overcome any possible difficulties, verification of changes in body composition (bioelectric revaluation and anthropometric measurements), detection of sensory enhancements and setting of new objectives in agreement with the patient

  • Update
  • Modifications to the nutrition plan according to individual needs

    Studio Dietistico Carraro - Servizi Offerti


  • Processing balanced seasonal menu and its recipes (for school lunches, business, communities, hospitals and clinics). Production of leaflets/training on healthy eating for young people, adults, the elderly or specific diseases.

  • Have at heart the welfare of the people means to publicize and disseminate the principles of a healthy diet. Ms. Renata Carraro plays always educational and informative activities aimed to raise awareness on the importance of "healthy eating". Food education courses are organized, advertised on the Facebook page of Studio Dietistico Carraro, here you will also find the latest recipes for your food plan and many practical tips.

    Customized educational classes can be arranged at the Studio Dietistico of Brescia

    *The financial 2019 provides for the tax deduction of 19% from the tax return of health bills, to obtain this tax advantage, customers must be issued by the attending physician with a certification attesting to a pathology that requires a "specific diet". In addition, payments must be tracked by check or POS (present in the Studio)