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Renata Carraro has been working in nutrition for more than 40 years. Her career began at the Spedali Civili and Sant'Orsola Hospital FBF in Brescia, where she carried out important projects for the improvement of patients’ nutrition.

Later, she widened her experience in nutrition at the Henri Chenot Wellness Centre of Erbusco (BS) and the Still Osteopathic Clinics in Bergamo and Varese. Currently, she also runs her own practice in Vicolo delle Nottole n.8 in Brescia.

Studio Dietistico Carraro - Experiences

Keep fit and healthy

"We are what we eat" - Ludwig Feuerbac, Philosopher 1862
Your health is your real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver - Gandhi

In Renata Carraro’s practice, the person is assessed with a holistic view in order to get a complete well-being.

Next Conference 2019

Il cibo di Morfeo

Impatto che l'alimentazione può avere sulla capacità di dormire la notte

Conference in collaboration with the Patrocinio Comune Nuvolento and will be held on Tuesday 16 April 2019 at the Sala Polivalente Vecchio Mulino, Piazza Roma Nuvolento (BS)

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Who I Am

Studio Dietistico Carraro - Who I Am

In 1975, I formulated balanced nutritional liquid mixtures which were administered to patients through rudimentary stomach tubes. These mixtures, which I prepared myself together with the head nurse of the unit, were studied in comparison to industrial products.

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